Shamanic Reiki

Reiki is a means to deliver balancing energy through the palms of the hands, the eyes, and the voice. Reiki promotes self healing in the body and a state of integration in the mind and emotions.   Reiki is defined as Universal love energy.

Before beginning a Shamanic Reiki, your practitioner spends time meditating on unconditional love and setting positive intentions that the therapy will be for the patient's best and highest good.  Energetic boundaries are set to hold a safe loving space. 

During a Shamanic Reiki session, the practitioner enters into a meditative altered state of consciousness that is based in unconditional love. In this state of consciousness, the practitioner may interact with beings in the subtle world on behalf of the patient for their health and wellbeing, unblock areas experiencing a lack of balanced flow, and/or receive intuitive messages to aid in healing.   Vibrational theory believes that uncomfortable emotions, negativity and imbalances hold a lower vibrational state. Reiki and unconditional love are a much higher vibration.  The practitioner holds a space of love and transmits the Reiki energy to overwrite lower vibrational states with higher vibrational states, thus providing the opportunity for imbalance to be released. 

This therapy can help unlock your own higher wisdom. It may involve the use of essential oils, therapeutic crystals, and stones.  The patient remains fully clothed and rests comfortably on a massage table.  The practitioner may lightly place her hands on the patient's body or work off of the body.  Patients are welcome to ask questions for understanding and guidance, or they may go into a deep relaxed state. 

$95.00 (60 min)