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Pitta balancing marma therapy

In Ayurveda, Pitta is the energy of fire, and when aggravated leads to symptoms of inflammation, intensity, criticism, and anger in the body. The positive qualities of Pitta are that when in balance, Pitta gives a sharp mind, clarity in thought, intelligence, leadership abilities, inspiration, and the power to transform yourself. Enhance the positive qualities of Pitta with this therapy that will help release old negative emotional states and excessive heat leaving you with a deep sense of peace.

Calming herbal oil is applied to the body with circular strokes over the Marma Points (Ayurvedic energy points) in a pattern designed to relieve excessive Pitta in the body. Pranic Healing energy work is directed into the Marma Points for healing and balance. Sanskrit chanting and transdermal creams are used during the oil application that promote the relief of anger, resentment, and intensity. Transdermal creams are vibrational essences of herbs with essential oils to assist in open flow in the Nadis (Ayurvedic energy channels). This therapy guides the client into a place of open hearted meditation.

After the application of oil, hot moist towels with essential oils are used to remove excessive oil and to open the pores of the skin to allow the absorption of oil so the skin is left moisturized, soft, and glowing. Try adding the optional herbal steam instead of hot towels to more deeply open your pores and encourage gentle sweating/detoxification. See additional description for herbal steam.

This therapy can be either 60 minutes or 90 minutes in length. A longer therapy allows for a deeper experience of healing.

60 Minute Therapy: $95, with 30 Minute Herbal Steam: $135

90 Minute Therapy: $135, with 30 Minute Herbal Steam: $175