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Nasya: Sinus Therapy

Common indications for Nasya Therapy include sinus infections, headaches, insomnia, neck pain/tension, and TMJ. However, Nasya is indicated for all imbalances experienced in the neck and head. Nasya Therapy increases the absorption of prana, life-force energy, which is carried through the breath.

Nasya begins with the client seated while oil is applied to the head, face, upper back, and neck to open the sinuses and promote relaxation. Therapeutic strokes are used to open the Nadis (Ayurvedic energy channels), restoring balance to the nervous system.

The application of oil is followed by a warm herbal steam which benefits the health of the skin and continues opening the respiratory system. Herbs used in the steam include Bay Leaf, Calamus, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass, Orris Root, Rose, Spearmint, and Spikenard.

After the steam, the client reclines on a massage table and the head is tilted back while being supported. Herbal oils are slowly and gently dropped into the nostrils and drawn deeply into the sinuses followed by hot towels over the face to encourage absorption. The head is returned to a flat position, and pranic energy is directed into the Marma Points (Ayurvedic energy points) of the head and face while the client goes into a state of meditation.

Your Nasya therapy will leave you in a blissful state with a balanced mind.

75 Minute Therapy: $115