Ayurveda Consultations

Ayurveda initial consultation

During your 2-hour in-depth initial consultation, you will be interviewed about your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, body functioning, medications, and health history.  This information will be used to determine your unique constitution which was determined at birth, as well as your current state of imbalance.  Recommendations will be given to assist you in the journey back to perfect health.  Recommendations may include foods, herbs, body therapies, flower essences, essential oils, lifestyle/routine changes, exercise, meditation/deep relaxation, and more.  All recommendations are tailored to your particular state of imbalance.  Consultations may be performed in person or over the phone/skype/facetime.  

Full Consultation: 2 hrs, $200.00 Recommended for those experiencing chronic illness, diagnosed disease conditions, or those wishing to go in the greatest depth with Ayurveda

Mini-Consultation: 1 hr, $95.00 Recommended to give a general overview to those experiencing fairly good health

Pulse Diagnosis Only: 30 mins, $55.00 Short consultation to give basic information about constitution and imbalance


Ayurveda follow up visit

To fully integrate an Ayurvedic lifestyle, patients work with a practitioner on a regular basis for 6 months to a year or longer.  Frequency of visits varies between weekly to monthly visits, depending on the symptoms present.

Follow up visits are continuing care for returning patients who have had an Ayurvedic Consultation.  During a follow up visit the practitioner checks in with the patient's symptoms and progress of recommendations.  Continuing recommendations are given to further integrate the principles of Ayurveda into the patient's lifestyle.

Follow Up Visit: 1 hr, $95.00