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Anahata (heart) chakra lepa therapy

Heart Chakra Lepa Therapy supports strength of the physical heart, peace in the emotional heart, and relaxation of the muscular tissue associated with the heart chakra in the upper back and shoulders.

Experience peace within as we release old sadness, disappointment, and grief from the heart and bring in positive states of love and trust. Release the burden of tension that you are carrying in your upper back and shoulders as the Marma points (Ayurvedic energy points) are cleared.

This therapy begins with an application of warm herbal oil over the upper back and shoulders, releasing tension in the muscles and clearing stuck energy in the Marma points with Pranic Healing. Deeper strokes are blended with gentle and soothing strokes to release muscular tension painlessly.

After the oil application, an herbal paste is applied to the upper back. The herbal paste is designed to specifically support emotional and physical balance in the heart chakra. Herbs used in the paste include Arjuna, Ashoka, Ashwaganda, Calamus, Frankincense, and Hawthorn Berry. The herbs are cooked into Sesame oil to release their positive properties and mixed with a Udad Dal flour to make a paste that relaxes muscles and encourages the release of negative emotions while creating emotional strength.

Warm steam infused with Rose petals will be directed over the herbal paste as the patient rests in meditation while receiving Reiki (universal love energy). The steam encourages the beneficial properties of the herbal paste to penetrate even more deeply into the body. Reiki fills the body with a renewed sense of light and love. Your heart will feel soothed and an increased sense of emotional lightness will arise upon completion of this therapy.

75 Minute Therapy: $115