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Anahata (heart)Chakra Basti (dough Dam)

The Heart Chakra Basti is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy used to clear negativity from the emotional heart, strengthen the physical heart, and open the spiritual heart to unconditional love.

A circular dam (donut shaped) made of Urad Dal flour mixed with water is placed over the center of the chest, in the area of the sternum. Warm oil with an herbal infusion of Rose, Arjuna, Ashoka, Hawthorne, Cinnamon, and Cardamom along with essential oils is poured into the dam over the heart. Reiki (universal love) healing energy is directed into the heart chakra while you deeply relax and feel the expansive love within your true heart. Throughout the therapy, the practitioner will remove oil that has cooled and refill the dam with warm oil to maintain a consistent soothing experience. Use this therapy to connect to your spiritual heart and experience bliss within.

Combine with the Heart Chakra Lepa Therapy to balance both sides of the heart chakra.

60 Minute Therapy: $95

A 30 Minute version of this therapy may be added on to a Heart Chakra Lepa Therapy, Abhyanga, Vata Balancing Marma Therapy, or Pitta Balancing Marma Therapy for $55